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VDLT Dinner with Burghound

Voix de la Terre Wine Consortium is an innovative way for consumers to access and enjoy high quality, cherry picked wine that is economically sourced.

Voix de la Terre is building a community that directly connects producers and wine loving consumers and puts the best interests of both first.

Consortium Pillars


VDLT acquires only what our members want and order from among handpicked selections from our carefully cultivated portfolio of producers.

Those who have experienced VDLT selections have enthusiastically acknowledged that the wines from Burgundy, the Rhone Valley and Champagne are excellent and are honest expressions of their terroir. This results from building close relationships with producers, intensive tasting and a concentration on what is in the bottle rather than the label. The wines made available to VDLT members are selected by a team of experienced wine consumers and lovers first and foremost. The selections are what we want to drink with dinner and represent top quality and top value.

The trust extends to the dealings with those producers. They affiliate with VDLT because they know they will be treated fairly and respected for the artisans they are. They also like the reliability of timely and bankable payments.


VDLT Member Tasting at Domaine Pichon

VDLT Member Tasting at Domaine Pichon

Every purchase from VDLT is done with full knowledge of:

Example of cost savings & transparency:

*Typically, a wine’s retail price is at least 2 to 3 times the amount the wine maker receives - resulting in a price to the consumer of $60 - $90 instead of the consortium’s $48.


The producers VDLT works with are dedicated to crafting pure and terroir-driven wines that have something to say. Many of them are minimally exported (if at all). Most of them are family businesses so focused on producing wines of distinction and have not paid much attention to international marketing.

VDLT tastes their range of wines from barrel and bottle before cherry picking the best and most distinctive to offer to its members. Each year, the selections may vary, just as the wines vary from vintage to vintage.

The Mikulski's Introduced the Chief to Burgundy!

The Mikulski's Introduced the Chief to Burgundy!

The VDLT Community

VDLT's philosophy is: Live life - It's the greatest game ever invented. Our love of wine could not exist outside the context of the meals of which they are a part, the places we enjoy them (home, restaurants, on vacation) and the people with whom we share them.

Often, these pleasures are almost as enjoyable vicariously. We always have and always will encourage and promote sharing your experiences with your fellow members by sending us stories and photos.

The membership will help define the platforms for the community interaction. VDLT could make it possible for members to send messages to individual members or everyone. An interactive online forum also is possible.